Groupie vs. Stalker

I am lucky enough to have talented friends who can rock it out after age 50.  Sitting right in the front row with my tambourine playing along with these guys makes it look like I have talent of my own, but my talent involves picking fun friends who know how to rock.  I fashion my work schedule around the gigs they book so I can be there for every performance.

Embed from Getty Images

This is what brings us to the current debate, groupie vs. stalker. To be fair, I don’t think the guys care which it is, they are just happy to have someone in the audience who appreciates them.

I know all the words to my favorite songs from their playlists. But there is a fair amount of ribbing that has developed from this behavior.  I do not drive by their houses or try and hack into their facebook pages.

I have become friends with the band wives, so they do not think it’s weird that some cool single girl is following their husbands all over central New York .  We even have our own gatherings now and call ourselves the Band Sisters.

No matter which word you pick, I am proud to be in that front row seat for every performance, not looking for attention but still excited when I am called out for my undying support.  I own each proudly, groupie and stalker. I only hope you have something in your life that you feel as connected to as I do to my band



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