Part 1: The Night We Met

25 years ago, I met my first band wife, Chick.  She wasn’t a band wife at the time, but it was the night I met her and introduced her to her future husband.  In honor of her birthday, I am sharing the story today.

My friend Vinnie was having an overnight party with a bunch of his high school friends up at a small cabin in the Tug Hill region of upstate New York. It sounded fun.  He was cute and I was single, so why not go for it?  We made plans to drive up together that weekend.

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The two of us headed up early on the day of the party to get the cabin ready.  Chick and one of Vinnie’s friends were already up there on a blind date Vinnie set up, cross country skiing. Vinnie and I arrived, bright sunlight bouncing off the snow, and we walked into a conspicuously trashed cabin.

As our eyes started to adjust, we saw beer bottles and half empty snack bags strewn around the room.  We then realized we were looking at two bodies passed out at the dining room table.  We poked and prodded and tried to wake them and after a couple of minutes, Chick and Doug jumped up laughing.  They had set the whole scene, knowing how gullible Vinnie was. That was how Chick and I met.

As all of Vinnie’s friends started to arrive, we noticed that they were all…guys.  After asking for the guest list, we found out we would be the only two women there.  Two single women could meet a lot of prospects in a situation such as this, so we started interviewing the guests.  She and I asked all sorts of questions about how they met Vinnie, what they did for a living, did they enjoy wine coolers, etc  Once Chick and I worked the room, we stationed ourselves at the front door so we didn’t miss anyone. The Steidl’s wine coolers fueled our imaginations and our interviews got more interesting.

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