Part 2: She’s Cute, But Why Are Her Teeth Purple?

To recap, my new BFF Chick and I were the only two girls at an overnight party.  We had met just that day and had banded together in an effort to be safe from all the guys partying in this cabin in the woods.

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Our host Vinnie, notoriously frugal, found some wine coolers at closeout prices ($1.99 per four pak) and he picked them up for that night.  The brand, Steidl’s.  The flavor, purple. I am not sure why young girls of a certain age enjoyed wine coolers, but it was the 80’s and there she and I were, sucking down one bottle after another. They went down easy, tasting just like grape juice, and subsequent interviews with the guys got more interesting.

We were in the woods in the middle of nowhere, with a fragile sewer system.  Vinnie had asked that we all used the outhouse for all business.  At one point I stepped away to head to the indoor bathroom (I didn’t think the outhouse only rule would apply to the fairer sex) and noticed that my teeth were stained a not-so-delicate shade of purple.  The culprit had to be the cheap wine coolers so I moved along to blue, Labatt’s Blue.

Unfortunately, I did not warn my partner in crime, so Chick continued to party with her purple smile.  My friend Bryan showed up midway through the party.   When I saw him walk in, I went over to greet him and introduced him to my new friend Chick. He thought to himself, ‘Nice girl, but her teeth are purple.”

She says she is over it. but I still think she is plotting revenge on me for this moment, all these years later.

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