Part 3: Was She a Possibility?

To continue, things seemed a little weird for Chick and I when we realized we were the only two women on the guest list.  It was a relief when my old college friend Bryan showed his face at the door.  Vinnie had met Bryan a few weeks before and deeming him ‘the coolest guy ever’, begged me to invite him to this party.

Was it the long overcoat he wore, a la the movie ‘Say Anything’?  Was it the ultra cool red Chuck Taylors he sported?

Embed from Getty Images

Was it because he was always looking for a new copy of ‘Walden’ to add to his ever-growing collection?  It didn’t matter, Bryan was cool and everybody thought so. I was happy he was there so I could introduce him to my Chick.

It didn’t take long for Bryan to look around the room and realize that the ratio of men to women was grossly out of balance. He was overheard remarking to one of the guys that Chick was the only possibility, since I was out of the running.  When Chick overheard this she responded with, “So I am a possibility?” He stammered a bit and mumbled something about how he didn’t want her to think she was a probability, to which he was hit with, “So I am NOT a probability?”

At that point, Bryan just gave up and walked away red-faced.  It became a story that we have been telling for over 25 years. The telling of the story never becomes old because Chick actually became a possibility, then a probability.  Good thing for all of us that the retreat Bryan made was only temporary. Chick and Bryan have just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.


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