Happiness Is…The Band

Sipping a Blue Moon (in a glass with an orange section because it’s Bridgette’s house and she says so), I am waiting for the next song, then John starts the familiar guitar riff. He’s only been singing Born On The Bayou for a few months, hoping to get up the nerve to do an open mike. I quickly find the page in the white binder that has the lyrics of all the songs Mobius Jones has covered in the last year or so. And we and I sing along. Then I take a peek at the other songs. When these guys are jamming, they really will take any request that we come up with.  There is an extensive set list, and they can jump into most anything. I envy this gift. They bought me a guitar a couple of years ago and it still sits in the corner of my living room. I can only really play three chords and am currently a one hit wonder with Traffic’s Dear Mr Fantasy, which they play every time just so I can practice. I try to convince myself that’s enough. A great song is just three chords and the truth.

That first beer goes down way too fast, but that’s OK. These parties last long into the night, much longer than people over 50 should be awake. There’s always one more song. Time after time the wives waits so patiently for the guys to pack away their equipment, but then another song will start and they all join in.

I am the reason that everyone knows each other, and sometimes I just sit back and smile at the masterpiece I have created. It all started with my friends from grad school and the bands they were in. I got Day Ja Voo and and Mobius Jones to play together for a fundraising scavenger hunt, a supergroup whose musical talents were epic. The guys all became friends and bromances were formed and then the wives all started hanging out when the guys played and this amazing phenomenon known as the Band Wives was born.

My happy place is whenever and wherever this group gets together. Whether it is at someone’s house for a special day, or a result of a group text when someone is trying to find something to do, it is always fun. There is always too much food (those wives love to cook) and great music and lots of pictures (Chick is our resident photographer). We have even taken the show on the road, traveling to Key West and Ottawa (I had to get my first passport!)

We’ve picked up a few extra ladies along the way, and we struggled with how to identify ourselves, because some of us are not married to any of the guys in the band, but Band Wives seemed to cover it just fine. The women get together sometimes without the guys, and then sometimes the guys come along because they know there will be food, and then the music breaks out. I will admit that when these gatherings happen, I end up with the guys and the music and the ladies wonder where I am. OK, they don’t really wonder at all.

When I am with the band guys and the Band Wives, I am always in the moment. I am not wondering what will be happening tomorrow or about the emails I need to answer or the crazy week at work. We  talk and laugh and eat and sing and it is just heaven to me. I always have a reminder of our happy times thanks to the Band Wives calendars. Chick made us all calendars for 2015 with the pictures she had taken throughout the year. When 2016 was coming around the corner, she invited everyone over to her house to create their own calendar for 2016, and now it is a tradition. I have three calendars on my wall, and it’s November so I am selecting my pics for 2018!

I have been blessed with so many people in my life. I have an amazing family, friends that have been around since college, a special group of ladies I know through my sister Judy, and people at work who I enjoy. But there is something special about this band family and the people who who are there no matter what you need and are always good for a hug or a smile or help with my deck.




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