Part 4: Not Since I’ve Been Here!

As you may recall, the grape wine coolers were flowing at this party in the cabin in the woods.  There was a lot of reminiscing among most of the party guests, who had known each other for at least 10 years and had a lot of escapades to choose from.  How many stories could I listen to about getting in trouble in their teens?  After a while they all started to sound the same.

As for Chick and I, casual party talk drifted to more intimate disclosures.  Somehow the subject came up and I mentioned that I had breast reduction surgery a couple of years before.  She didn’t believe me, so I pointed in Bryan’s general direction and said, “Go ahead and ask Bryan, he’ll tell you.”

Halloween the year before my surgery, as Dolly Parton
Halloween the year before my surgery, as Dolly Parton

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Part 3: Was She a Possibility?

To continue, things seemed a little weird for Chick and I when we realized we were the only two women on the guest list.  It was a relief when my old college friend Bryan showed his face at the door.  Vinnie had met Bryan a few weeks before and deeming him ‘the coolest guy ever’, begged me to invite him to this party.

Was it the long overcoat he wore, a la the movie ‘Say Anything’?  Was it the ultra cool red Chuck Taylors he sported?

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Was it because he was always looking for a new copy of ‘Walden’ to add to his ever-growing collection?  It didn’t matter, Bryan was cool and everybody thought so. I was happy he was there so I could introduce him to my Chick.

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Part 2: She’s Cute, But Why Are Her Teeth Purple?

To recap, my new BFF Chick and I were the only two girls at an overnight party.  We had met just that day and had banded together in an effort to be safe from all the guys partying in this cabin in the woods.

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Our host Vinnie, notoriously frugal, found some wine coolers at closeout prices ($1.99 per four pak) and he picked them up for that night.  The brand, Steidl’s.  The flavor, purple. I am not sure why young girls of a certain age enjoyed wine coolers, but it was the 80’s and there she and I were, sucking down one bottle after another. They went down easy, tasting just like grape juice, and subsequent interviews with the guys got more interesting.

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Part 1: The Night We Met

25 years ago, I met my first band wife, Chick.  She wasn’t a band wife at the time, but it was the night I met her and introduced her to her future husband.  In honor of her birthday, I am sharing the story today.

My friend Vinnie was having an overnight party with a bunch of his high school friends up at a small cabin in the Tug Hill region of upstate New York. It sounded fun.  He was cute and I was single, so why not go for it?  We made plans to drive up together that weekend.

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The two of us headed up early on the day of the party to get the cabin ready.  Chick and one of Vinnie’s friends were already up there on a blind date Vinnie set up, cross country skiing. Vinnie and I arrived, bright sunlight bouncing off the snow, and we walked into a conspicuously trashed cabin.

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