My Favorite Oscar Moments

Watching the 87th Oscars was special for me this year.  There were so many moments that made my heart sing.

The award I was most excited about? That’s an easy one, Best Actress Julianne Moore in Still Alice.  Her performance was stunning and heartbreaking.  The movie was very true to the book by Lisa Genova, which is one of the best books I have ever read.  I have loved everything that Lisa has written.  She is a very talented author who folds her extensive science background into rich, compelling, human stories.  Still Alice was the first book I ever read by her, and Left Neglected was the one that had the most personal meaning for me. And now I am looking forward to Inside The O’Briens, which will be coming out this spring.   As a bookseller, she is always my go to author when someone is looking for multi-layered stories.  I have met Lisa a couple of times while vacationing on Cape Cod and she has always been warm, gracious, and down to earth.

Favorite reaction to their award? Eddie Redmayne for lead actor in The Theory of Everything.  This role was physically as well as emotionally taxing.  He did a lot of prep work so his portrayal would be spot on.  His pure joy at being recognized for the hard work and passion in his role as Stephen Hawking was all over that freckled face.  No pretense there, just happiness.

Favorite acceptance speech?  John Legend and Common for Glory. The song Glory is so powerful and beautiful and really captures both the civil rights struggle back in the 60’s and the continuing struggle for justice today.  Both Common and John Legend spoke eloquently about how Selma is still today.  As long as we have Ferguson, black men incarcerated, voting rights compromised, and people living in abject poverty, we still need to strive for social justice.

Movies reach people, move people, and educate people.  I was happy to see that this year’s Oscar nominated movies brought such important subjects to the forefront as early onset Alzheimer’s, ALS, mental illness, and struggle for social justice and equality.  I am happy to see that people who won due to their talent and extraordinary efforts took the time to talk about some of those struggles that people live with every day.

Want more?  Go to Carly Simon at the Oscars.

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