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Day Ja Voo

Day Ja Voo. I have been following them for years, from fundraisers to dive bars to summer outdoor venues to my own living room. Watching them play and hearing the first few notes of a favorite song leads me to break into a smile and sing along. The love I have for the music and the guys (and their wives) is unparalleled. Let’s go back to the beginning of this journey to fandom.


The first time I went to see this talented trio was when they were playing for a fundraising walk at Longbranch Park, raising money for children with cancer. I said a quick hello to Vinnie then found a tree to lean on, away from the action, to wait for them to perform.  The teams of walkers started to stream into the picnic area, groups of people wearing tshirts and carrying signs with pictures of kids who had some form of cancer.  As the groups continued to flood in, I realized that some of the kids were no longer living and for some reason, I was so overcome with emotion that I could barely make it to my car without sobbing.  I did not see the guys play that day.

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And You Can Call Me Queen Pee

20 years working at Barnes & Noble and there are so many stories I could tell: people I have met, books I have recommended, celebrity sightings, crazy questions, one of a kind events, and lots of other things I could talk about. And yet the one thing that stands out is the honor bestowed on me by my coworkers: Queen Pee. A lot of work has gone into the making of Queen Pee. Not only have there been numerous instances of cleaning up the bathroom, I have also been been cursed out by other managers because I was not on duty on days when a bathroom incident had occurred. And yet with this glamorous life I lead, my band wives want me to give it all up.


I have a long and proud (?) history of cleaning restrooms at Barnes & Noble. When I first started working there, I cleaned the bathrooms just about every night (before my manager found out that we didn’t need to vacuum and empty garbage and clean the bathrooms every night because we actually had a maintenance line in the budget!) My first workman’s comp case involved me getting new contacts because I had splashed toilet bowl cleaner in my eye.


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It’s Been One Week (My vacation framed by the Barenaked Ladies song)

It’s been 3 weeks since I have been away from the blogosphere.  Now there is a lot of pressure staring at this blank post.  How do I return with a big enough splash to warrant the empty pages left by my busy life? Even today, with all the time in the world to write, I am at a loss for something spectacular to discuss with my followers, so I will just sit here with my adult beverage and talk about what I have been up to on my vacation.

It’s been 5 days since I attended Greekfest with my favorite Greek family, the Plessas’.


We braved long lines for food (but no lines for drinks!) and enjoyed Greek food, Greek beer, Greek music, and traditional Greek dancing.  My friend Nik danced with two of the groups and did an amazing job (go Nik!!).  We ended up running into 4 of John’s siblings and had a really fun family  celebration. The Greek coffee kept me awake much of the night, so I had a lot of time to reflect on how much fun it was!  Pictured above: Bridgette, myself, John, and his sister Therese.

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Cybershot Heard Around the World

Fireball.  It’s not just a Pitbull song.  It is also the official drink of the Band Sisters.  Well, not all the Band Sisters.  And some of them may never drink it again, to hear them tell it.

It all started at my birthday party.  I had tried Fireball and thought it was delicious.  It tastes just like the candy and doesn’t even have an aftertaste.  It is a Horan family staple at all the pomp and circumstance ceremonies, like graduations and weddings.  It doesn’t really taste like whiskey, which is what eventually became part of the problem.  I had some left in a bottle, and brought it to the party.

A couple of hours into the party, the son of the host, a SUNY Oswego college student, found the bottle and thought some shots were in order.  He found some proud SUNY Oswego alumni among the partygoers to participate and we found some shotglasses,  We raised a glass to Oswego and to graduating and after a while, any excuse would do.


Let me get something straight.  The band wives are all 50 something women who do not party.  We are responsible adults who lead full, productive lives without partying like rock stars.  But no one would have known it that night.  There was one point in the night when one of the band members looked out at the crowd and realized that the wives were drunk.  It was a friendly gathering and all the principal parties had designated drivers, so there was not immediate danger.  And then there was the incident.

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Meeting Scott from the Goo Goo Dolls


A couple of weeks ago, I was at Dublin’s to see Day Ja Voo.  I went to the bar to get  a couple of drinks and started a conversation with the guys sitting there.  Wanting a ‘man on the street’ perspective, I asked them what they thought about the band. Scott and his friend said they were really enjoying the music, and then Scott went on to talk about how he loved 80’s music. We had both graduated from college the same year (he went to University of Buffalo, I went to SUNY College at Oswego) and so we discussed our favorite music from that era.   Eventually Mike returned with my beers and I delivered them to the stage.

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With A Little Help From My Friends

Day Ja Voo meets Mobius Jones.  This is how it all started.   On New Year’s Eve a few years ago, I  first heard Mobius Jones, a band my friend John was in, along with two other guys named John, and the drummer Eric.  I asked John if the band would play at a fundraiser my family had been planning, and they graciously agreed.

100_1613 - Copy

I had also reconnected with my friend Vinnie and had been following his band, Day Ja Voo to several venues out of town.  I asked Vinnie  and my friend Bryan (now a member of Day Ja Voo) if they wanted to perform a few songs there also.


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