Top 10 Favorite Cover Songs

It’s no secret I love my bands!  I think that in some cases their covers of these songs rival the originals.  Here is the list of my top 10 favorite songs that they cover.

10. Shambala by Three Dog Night

I have seen these guys at a couple of festivals and boy, they can still rock after all these years!!

9. Born On The Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival

When Mobius Jones and Day Ja Voo get together to play this song, it’s beyond amazing!! All I have to hear are the first few guitar riffs and I am in heaven.

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You Meet The Nicest People At Johnny’s


We first met Jeff when he darted across the bar toward us as the band was singing California Dreamin ‘ and yelled, “Your table definitely win the audience singalong award!”  I smiled and high-fived him, then he ran back to his group of friends. Lyn and jesse just shook their heads and laughed. Some people in my life wonder why I travel to Johnny’s whenever I can to see The Earthtones.  It’s not just because I would go almost anywhere to see Michael Walker (the drummer) play.  It’s because you meet the nicest people at Johnny’s.

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American Pie

It was another night at Johnny’s Pub and Grill.  “OK, Pat, as long as we have the words…”  Brian said into the mic as he flipped through his binder.  After a moment we heard,  “A long, long time ago…”, as Brian looked over at Pat and smiled.  The crowd sang and swayed to the Don McLean song.  Lyn and Mike’s mom asked for this song because it was one of their dad’s favorites.


Cover bands are terrific because every song that comes up is familiar and easy to sing along to. It is fun to see The Earthtones because they have a woman singer, which is so different from the other bands I follow.  Eva does such an amazing job with Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, just to name a couple of artists.  Brian carries most of the other vocals and the guitar and bass.  And of course there is Mike on the drums, the same Mike I have been following for 30 years now.

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Another Friday night at Johnny’s Pub and Grill in Rochester, where I am waiting anxiously for the next song from The Earthtones.  The trio is standing on the stage under a street sign readling, ‘Penny Lane’; the owner Johnny loves The Beatles,

1560735_1005925722770879_6202336690268931521_nThe opening notes to Landslide are heard over the roar of the happy hour crowd.  Most of the bands I follow are all male, so I am enjoying Eva’s take on the classic Fleetwood Mac song.  Brian Regan, Eva Regan, and Mike Walker are The Earthtones.  Brian is a genius with both guitar and bass, Eva dazzles on the keyboards, and Mike is amazing on the drums and other percussion. They have playing together at least 14 years.  I remember this because they came to Syracuse and played my 40th Birthday Bash at Highland Forest in 2001 (yes, I know, you can do the math, I am over 50).

I try and to see them as often as I can.  It’s tricky driving to Rochester and trying to get there in a reasonable time for happy hour.  During the winter months, about half of my planned trips are cancelled due to bad weather and snow.  But when I do get there, it is so worth it!

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