Top 10 TV Themes I Love To Sing To came out yesterday (10/6/15) with a list of 50 TV Theme Songs That Have Hit The Billboard Charts.

I compiled my own list of TV theme songs that I love to sing along to. While perusing the Billboard list, there seem to be a disproportionate number of songs from cop and detective shows,  In the end, I did find that we had several songs in common.  I have put the Billboard list number in bold if a song appeared on their list.  Here are my picks with accompanying videos:

10.  Growing Pains: As Long As We’ve Got Each Other, performed by BJ Thomas and Jennifer Warner (# 35 on the Billboard list).  I loved how this psychiatrist had such dysfunctional kids, just like real life.

9.  One Day At A Time: This Is It, performed by Polly Cutter.  One of the original girl power TV shows, I loved the spunk of Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) and the sweetness of Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli), and how their mom Ann didn’t take anything from anyone.

8.  7th Heaven, performed by Steve Plunkett (from the band Autograph, best remembered for the hit, “Turn Up The Radio”).  Even though I did not watch this show until I was an adult, as a PK (preacher’s kid), I enjoyed the storylines and antics of the Camden kids.  My sister also enjoyed watching this show in reruns, she saw so many that her toddler son knew the words to “seven kevin”, or so he thought.

7.  Partridge Family: C’mon Get Happy, performed by various studio musicians. My own family was known as the “Shut Your Trapp Family Singers”, so it was cool to watch a ‘talented’ family (ok, could those younger kids have looked any less enthused?)  We had the big green monster (a very big van) when I was a teen; the only thing more embarrassing would have been that bus!

6.  Ally McBeal:  Searchin’ My Soul, performed by Vonda Shepard (#41 on the Billboard list)

Vonda Shepard was featured prominently in the show both on camera in the piano bar and in the background music throughout the show. Several successful CDs were released with music from the show.  I will admit that I own “Ally McBeal: A Very Ally Christmas”.  I am not ashamed.  My favorite song from it is “The River”, a Joni Mitchell song performed by Robert Downey, Jr.

5.  Monkees: Hey Hey We’re The Monkees, performed by The Monkees.  Before David Cassidy there was The Monkees.   Love the Monkees.  Love, love, love.  My type seems to be the goofy ones, so of course my Monkee crush was Peter.  I saw them years later when they were on their reunion tour and they did not disappoint!

4.  Greatest American Hero: Believe It Or Not, sung by Joey Scarbury (#27 on the Billboard list)

I will admit, I had a huge crush on this guy!!  Flawed and sweet guy trying to do what’s right.   And this show had a pre-John Tesh Connie Sellecca.

3.  Friends: I’ll Be There For You, by The Rembrandts  (#39  on the Billboard list)

I wasn’t going to include this one, but then on the way home from work tonight it came on the radio and I found myself singing to it, so it obviously fit in!  This is easily one of the most recognizable songs of the 90’s!

2.  One Tree Hill: I Don’t Want To Be, performed by Gavin DeGraw

Another guilty pleasure I am revealing to you all:  I watched One Tree Hill.  I was very invested in the lives of Haley and Nathan, Luke and Brooke and Peyton, and all their friends and family (and I use both terms loosely). I saw this particular version a few months ago on Live From Daryl’s House and I loved it!!

  1.  Wonder years: With A Little Help From My Friends, performed by Joe Cocker   (#10 on the Billboard list).  It should be no surprise that my number one pick was a Beatles song!

And here’s a special bonus song that I just love, from the TV show Blossom.  This is not a part of the top ten but I wanted it to be included even though it is on more than one ‘worst TV theme songs’ lists:

My Opinionation performed by Dr. John











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