You Can See The Stars And Still Not See The Light

Sweet voices rang out: “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes, and your smile is a thin disguise. I thought by now you’d realize, there ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.” No instruments, just voices, singing in perfect harmony. It was a bold artistic choice to start the song this way and my breath caught in my throat as I listened. And who pulled off this performance?  None other than one of my bands, Day Ja Voo. One of the strongest skills in their wheelhouse, their harmonies, were showcased when Day Ja Voo first performed Seven Bridges Road, a vocally challenging song by Steve Young, then moved to Lyin’ Eyes.

The guys were invited to participate in Tribute Tuesdays, a music series at The Ridge, a golf course and restaurant in Chittenango, NY, near where I live. This song was just one of the many amazing musical moments that happened last Tuesday night. I would like to take this moment to thank Melinda for her hospitality and her great staff for excellent service. Julie and Lexie were amazing! Now that she has listened to both the Van Morrison and the Eagles tributes, I think Lexie is finally realizing that she does know classic rock!  I have been to The Ridge several times for musical performances, including other Tribute Tuesdays for Bob Dylan and Paul Simon and I just love the venue. Unfortunately, I have been out of town for one of the most fun shows they have, Ridgestock, and hope to make it out there next year .  My sister and friends went last month and thought it was a spectacular day of music, recreating the music and covering the bands of the original Woodstock!

If you haven’t already guessed, this was an Eagles tribute.  Sixteen local musicians joined together to perform many of the hits of the Eagles and solo work of some of their members, including Don Henley and Joe Walsh. One of the first songs was a beautiful one that I am not very familiar with, Ol’ 55 by Tom Waits. It reminded me of the Neil Young song, Long May You Run, about his old car.

I listen to a lot of Eagles and Don Henley. I know so many of the songs by heart, but there is one song I really haven’t heard enough of, How Long, written by JD Souther. This video is from the CMA Show in 2007.


Many thanks to Paul Davie for organizing the event (and the musicians!).  Paul organizes other music events in the Syracuse area.  I had the privilege to attend BeatleCUSE 2016 as they celebrated my favorite Beatles vinyl, Rubber Soul.  He’s amazing at gathering talented local musicians and putting it all together in a stunning performance.  Check out what’s next in local music!

Check out what’s next in local music! My friend Lisa and I are going to rock it out at the Palace Theater next Friday (Sept 23) for the 15th Annual Springsteen Tribute by the Jungle Land Band. It’s the biggest Jamie Notarthomas event to date!  I saw the Jungle Land Band last summer and they do no disappoint.  Here’s the Facebook link:

Another event at the Palace Theater will be October 8, called Heroes and Lennon’s 76th Birthday, with special guest longtime David Bowie guitarist Earl Slick.  Here is the link to the Facebook event and ticket info:

I don’t have any video from Tribute Tuesday, so I will leave you with a youtube video from the magazine Mojo, who put together the top 10 Eagles songs. Although it does not have my favorite song, Already Gone, this is a pretty comprehensive list and hey, both Day Ja Voo and Mobius Jones play it, so I am covered.



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