On This Day is one of my most fun things about Facebook. For those who don’t know, it shows all the things posted in that newsfeed on that date in previous years. Included in today’s list on mine were entries from different years that all had one thing in common, an optimistic and enthusiastic post talking about NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) and how THAT year would be the year I would hit the coveted 50000 words. I started out strong, mathematically calculating how many words per day (1667) and then recalculating at the end of each week as I fell short of the intended goal. By mid-month, things would look bleak, and by the time Thanksgiving week arrived, my retail life had taken over and I would slink toward November 30, vowing to do better next year.

November snuck up on me this year. Maybe it was the unusually warm weather or my crazy schedule, but here we are on the 1st and I hadn’t even spoken with anyone about whether they are jumping in and trying. And I decided this instead: committing to a blog post a day. No word count, just one completed thought every day, or listicle, or story. No need to find a special place where I must be or an elaborate ritual to engage in to be able to produce. No overwrought or overthought or heavily editing piece, just putting pen to paper and practicing the writing life. And letting everyone in on what I am thinking about.

Follow me on this journey all month long and you will not be disappointed. IAWABAD (I Am Writing A Blog A Day). I will make it this time!! You’ll see.

…and attention swerves to Netflix where Debbie notices that Season 2 of Stranger Things is now streaming…



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