Listening to Scott Jameson on Santa 102, all Christmas music all the time, I drove down the highway toward my first stop on my Thanksgiving tour. My Mom made squash rolls and I was supposed to deliver them to my sister Jen. I gave Mom a bottle of wine, a ramekin of pumpkin pie innards, and the Obama book that came out last week, Promised Land. She gave me rolls for my sister Jen, a couple for my sister Judy, and one for my dad. I went to Jen’s to drop off the rolls, and picked up pieces of pecan pie for me and my dad. Then I dropped off to my Dad stuffing I had made, 2 pieces of pumpkin pie I had made from scratch, the squash roll, and the pecan pie. Then I dropped off to my sister Judy a bowl of stuffing and the squash rolls, as well as pumpkin pie for my sweet Diego. And that’s what it’s like to celebrate Thanksgiving in quarantine. Driving around town making sure everyone has what they need to get through the holiday. It almost seemed like more work than it was to get together!

This holiday is different from any other in recent years. Most of those in my circle of family and friends want to keep those they love safe. For them it means keeping to their own households and not spreading potential virus germs.  I wore a mask and stood 6 feet apart, outside in some cases, as I delivered essentials to my family. Then saw them without masks hours later on a Zoom call, Wednesday night because I think that Zoom and the internet will break on Thanksgiving with everyone virtually eating dinner together. And this is the COVID holiday.

People are really focused on what they are losing this year, not being able to spend time with family. But yet there are so many families who really HAVE lost so much! I was all ready to write a post about keeping people safe this year and that everyone should wear their damn masks and stay home. We could have a different holiday next year if we could all be responsible now. It’s easy for me to say, spending time alone, having spent many Thanksgivings in recent years by myself, drinking mimosas and watching movies. I will definitely miss our more recent band tradition of celebrating Friendsgiving, dining on traditional Thanksgiving fare and then having a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity.

Follow the science. Look at the numbers. I have people in my life that have lost family to this virus, and it keeps creeping closer and closer. Keep people safe these next few days so we can live to celebrate another day. Be grateful that you have love and happiness in your life, and keep those people safe. Happy Thanksgiving!


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