This Gleek Will Always Be a Daydream Believer

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I am a Gleek and  I am not ashamed to admit it.  I totally get sucked into the lives of those glee club members and their fearless leader, Mr. Shu.  It is always the talk of the breakroom with all of my younger coworkers the next day (or there are shouts of, ‘No spoilers!  I haven’t seen it yet!”)  I even watched The Glee Project, Season 2 and cheered when my favorite contestant, Blake Jenner, won (he won the role of Ryder Lynn, for those of you who are wondering.)

The rich tapestry of songs during the six seasons of the show is like no other list of music anywhere, from classic rock to Broadway to rap to soul.   With all those covers and mashups to choose from, I would not have been able to choose which one was my favorite.  That is, until tonight.  Without any reservation, Kurt and Blaine’s duet Daydream Believer will always be the Glee anthem for me.

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