American Pie

It was another night at Johnny’s Pub and Grill.  “OK, Pat, as long as we have the words…”  Brian said into the mic as he flipped through his binder.  After a moment we heard,  “A long, long time ago…”, as Brian looked over at Pat and smiled.  The crowd sang and swayed to the Don McLean song.  Lyn and Mike’s mom asked for this song because it was one of their dad’s favorites.


Cover bands are terrific because every song that comes up is familiar and easy to sing along to. It is fun to see The Earthtones because they have a woman singer, which is so different from the other bands I follow.  Eva does such an amazing job with Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, just to name a couple of artists.  Brian carries most of the other vocals and the guitar and bass.  And of course there is Mike on the drums, the same Mike I have been following for 30 years now.

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