Miley Cyrus? Serious?

I checked out the 40th anniversary special for Saturday Night Live last night.  I found it to be the same as all of my experiences watching SNL each and every other episode.  There were some great skits, characters, and performances, as well as some I could do without.  I am sure that others had encountered this as well week after week.

It was great to see two of my favorite Pauls there representing the early SNL years, Paul McCartney and Paul Simon.  When they burst into I’ve Just Seen a Face, I sang along with a huge smile (they should’ve seen MY face!) and was completely entertained. Paul McCartney later performed one of my all-time faves, Maybe I’m Amazed, and then Paul Simon did a hauntingly beautiful version of Still Crazy After All These Years.I was transported to another time and place with each of these songs, listening fondly and remembering.

It didn’t seem scripted and it seemed to embody much of what SNL tried to achieve during the last 40 years. With all those years of music to choose from, I was expecting some more great clips and performances from hoards of other musicians. Imagine my dismay when at the end of the special I had not been treated to other time altering performances, but instead watched Miley Cyrus performing a Paul Simon tune, and Kanye performing, well, I am not sure.

This is not taking away anything from Miley’s performance.  She did a great job and looked great and acted like a grownup.  It was a great place for her to gain some credibility. I never have anything good to say about Kanye, so I will say nothing at all. So many incredible artists were a part of those 40 years that I was sorry that they just sandwiched the music portion with a couple of the original artists with a couple of newest artists, ignoring everyone in between.

Confession time: I was not always as hip as I am now, so there were lots of music over all those years that I didn’t particularly enjoy.  Maybe when they do their 50th anniversary special I will realize just what incredible phenoms those two really are and I will be sorry I didn’t appreciate them.  And maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.

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