Video Killed the Radio Star


I reconnected with an old college friend I hadn’t seen in a few years.  We had a great dinner, one where there were no breaks in conversation, just like the old days. Afterwards, he asked me to listen to a demo CD that was recorded with a band he had joined called Mobius Jones.  It only took one song, a cover of The Cars My Best Friend’s Girlfriend, to hook me.

John was really jazzed about this group of guys and told me to go search on Youtube for some videos they had recently posted.  I had heard of Youtube and knew that people were always searching it for web content, but for me it was a new concept and I was intrigued.

It went something like this.  I went to Youtube, searched Mobius Jones, and a bunch of videos of their band covering a variety of songs appeared on my screen.  After bookmarking the site, I stayed and watched video after video of Mobius Jones.   This is what they did with Cake’s Short Skirt Long Jacket:

I started to poke around a bit longer for other topics but became quickly overwhelmed with the sheer volume of how just about everything you could possibly need was all in one place, so I left the site.

Soon afterwards, I found out that my other band friends, Day Ja Voo, also had posted some videos on the site. It was a bit harder to find them.  It seemed that everyone has an opinion about Deja Vu, so the search had to be more precise.  Once I was able to navigate the search engine, I found a few posts.   Here’s a sample of how Day Ja Voo covered America’s Sister Golden Hair.

Now that I am more savvy , I am finding myself on Youtube more often.  When I need something, I go to my Youtube bookmark and it always brings me back to that initial Mobius Jones search.  Like an addict (or a groupie) who just needs just a little hit, I watch a couple of their videos before I even get started on what I was trying to find. It always puts a smile on my face knowing that these guys that I have come to know and love are out there for just anyone to discover.


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