With A Little Help From My Friends

Day Ja Voo meets Mobius Jones.  This is how it all started.   On New Year’s Eve a few years ago, I  first heard Mobius Jones, a band my friend John was in, along with two other guys named John, and the drummer Eric.  I asked John if the band would play at a fundraiser my family had been planning, and they graciously agreed.

100_1613 - Copy

I had also reconnected with my friend Vinnie and had been following his band, Day Ja Voo to several venues out of town.  I asked Vinnie  and my friend Bryan (now a member of Day Ja Voo) if they wanted to perform a few songs there also.


The event, Judy Aguirre’s Scavenger Hunt, started three years ago.  This annual event raises money for the medical expenses my sister Judy continues to incur after a devastating accident a number of years ago.  The Horans really know how to throw a good party, and we wanted something we could do year after year that would be a lot of fun. We count on all our friends to help pull off this amazing gathering every year.

The first year we started out small.  My sisters created the hunt list, which was a combination of random everyday things, some objects that would be a bit harder to come by, and photo opportunities from around the city.  We had prizes and raffles.  Every party needs food, so we offered teams a reduced entrance fee if they brought a dish to pass. Then there was the music. The guys came and did a great job entertaining the crowd.

Now that a few of the guys had met each other, I started to invite the bands to each other’s performances.  They seemed to be fans of each other’s works (little bromances sprouting up all over).  Now for the big finish…having all eight of them on stage together. It was my secret wish. I had been enjoying their shows separately and realized early on that the two bands could easily play each other’s playlists.   it was a selfish dream and  I plotted to  use the second annual scavenger hunt to make it happen.

After a couple of rehearsals, the uberband was ready for their premiere.  The day of the scavenger hunt arrived and my dream was finally coming true.  It was a bright sunshiny day and everyone was smiling.  Mine was the biggest smile of all.  I had introduced the guys who were now all jamming on the stage together.  What an amazing day.


The third annual Judy Aguirre Scavenger Hunt is just two weeks away.  Once again, the bands are getting together to perform for a terrific party.  I was at a rehearsal just last weekend and it promises to be another great show.  While the guys practiced, the Band Wives got together for a planning session and we developed some kid friendly activities.  If you are looking for a great time on April 19, just message me on facebook and I can get you all the info you need to join us! I promise the music will be worth the price of admission!


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