Last Friday night was the perfect night for outdoor music, outside in the Pavilion of the Greenwood Winery. The warmth and sunshine brought out some fun lovin’ rockers and they were rewarded with an amazing show from this band out of Jersey City, NJ!


“When the war is over, and banks don’t steal…”

“When life is fair, and 5 makes 10…”

How could you not love a song with lyrics like this?  They are from Lonelyville, my favorite of the original songs that The Gully Hubbards perform.  Another great song, a trucker-singing-about-a-woman-done-me-wrong song, includes the lyrics “18 reasons, baby, why I’m telling you goodbye.”

Ace Case, James Dower, and Andy Sapko make up the trio, who have played in the area a number of times and have ties to Central New York.   James grew up in Syracuse and played in bands here in his younger days.  The Gully Hubbards have a unique blend of original tunes and covers, and their musical styles include Americana, pop, rock, and alt-country.  If you like their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GullyHubbards?fref=ts), you can find music from their new EP, Day Dawns Clear.

In addition to some of their original tunes, the first two sets also included 60’s classic covers like the Beatles’ If I Fell and Del Shannon’s Runaway.  For me, they stole the show with Frankie Valli and The 4 Season’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, which was my favorite song when I was just a wee girl.  A special guest and local talent joined them for the third set Friday night , Robyn Stockdale.  She rounded out their sound very nicely and a female voice brought a new dimension to the rest of their show.  I hope that when they return (and they will this summer, I will keep you posted on my facebook page) they will invite her back for more great music.

I have been at the Greenwood Winery (http://greenwoodwinery.com/) on Collamer Road in East Syracuse for several Friday night performances now, including other Gully Hubbards performances and that great local band Stroke (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isreal-Hagan-Stroke/107816595960014?fref=ts).  There are several Harvest Hour specials on Fridays between 6 and 8.  The wine selection is diverse (all from their own winery, of course) and the featured food is made from local CNY ingredients.  There is a really cool fire pit that is always surrounded by people having a lot of fun.  I will definitely go back  and encourage you to check out one of these great Friday night gatherings.  I will be the one in the front row tapping my foot (or dancing!) with the band, whoever it may be.




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