Move It On Over, Mobius Jones Is Movin’ In

Move over little dog, a big old dog is movin’ in!  I saw the first performance of the Mobius Jones reboot, with a new band member.  Me!  The roadie!  Just kidding.  They have a great new talent in Bryan Rubenau, who has joined the band with keyboards and vocals.

The banquet room of Barbagallo’s slowly filled with partygoers as we did our first sound check. I was given a quick lesson in how to work the soundboard, but even then I knew I would be too scared to actually touch it during the show. There were things I could handle, like moving bags and crates from the cars and unraveling cables and cords.


There was so much to learn, this first time as a roadie.  I had gone to so many shows previously, in the stalker and grouple role, but this was my first roadie gig.  i transported the speaker for the bass, and helped them unpack all the equipment.  I  talked with the drummer while he set up, and found out my first new thing…drums need to be tuned.  I also helped hook up some XLR cables and helped set up the mic stands.  Are you impressed yet?


After a quick sound check song (when I advised them to turn up up the keyboards), I walked around to check out the sound for next song.  A big smile grew as I heard the opening riff of Born On The Bayou (one of my favorite songs), then the vocals started, sung by an unfamiliar voice.   I quickly turned and saw that John was singing!  This is the first song John has sung lead vocals on in the history of the band, or at least the history of the band as I know it.  He did an amazing job singing and handling the powerful guitar that this song requires.

The evening and rockin’ music continued with Johnnie (bass) and Eric (drums) handling most of the other vocals. When they started playing Already Gone, I practically swooned.  That is my all time favorite Eagles song and I love that my bands are playing it now.  I am not so vain that I think they are playing it just for me, but a fangirl can dream, right?

I was anxiously awaiting the other vocal debut for the evening, when Bryan would be singing La Grange by ZZ Top (a haw haw haw haw).  The song fit his vocal range perfectly and it was flawless.  Now we are on the hunt for others in his range.

As Mobius Jones books public gigs, you can rest assured that i will keep you all posted,  We are looking to get some video out soon as well.  In the meantime, you will just have to take my word for it when I say these guys are not to be missed!



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