Cybershot Heard Around the World

Fireball.  It’s not just a Pitbull song.  It is also the official drink of the Band Sisters.  Well, not all the Band Sisters.  And some of them may never drink it again, to hear them tell it.

It all started at my birthday party.  I had tried Fireball and thought it was delicious.  It tastes just like the candy and doesn’t even have an aftertaste.  It is a Horan family staple at all the pomp and circumstance ceremonies, like graduations and weddings.  It doesn’t really taste like whiskey, which is what eventually became part of the problem.  I had some left in a bottle, and brought it to the party.

A couple of hours into the party, the son of the host, a SUNY Oswego college student, found the bottle and thought some shots were in order.  He found some proud SUNY Oswego alumni among the partygoers to participate and we found some shotglasses,  We raised a glass to Oswego and to graduating and after a while, any excuse would do.


Let me get something straight.  The band wives are all 50 something women who do not party.  We are responsible adults who lead full, productive lives without partying like rock stars.  But no one would have known it that night.  There was one point in the night when one of the band members looked out at the crowd and realized that the wives were drunk.  It was a friendly gathering and all the principal parties had designated drivers, so there was not immediate danger.  And then there was the incident.

I took a tumble.  Into the pedalboard.  I didn’t even know what a pedalboard was, until I fell down into it.  And lost the fight.  And chipped a tooth.  That didn’t stop me, there are lots of pictures of me still enjoying myself with my fat, bloodied lip.  Let’s just say that everyone the next morning realized that you just don’t come out on top when facing a bottle of Fireball.

The holidays came around and somehow Fireball became a focus of conversation on a facebook thread, and someone came up with an idea to do a shot altogether on Christmas Eve at 8pm.  Chick’s friends Becky and Becky Lynn got involved  (I did not know them before that night.)  And so some of us did that shot, and I made new facebook friends and created new holiday memories.  The cybershot heard around the world.



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