Springsteen, Mackelmore, and Bonnie Raitt, Part 2

Later that week, I wandered over to the Near West Side neighborhood here in Syracuse to find an underground punk rock space called “The Warehouse”.  I couldn’t find it at first.  I had the address, but there was no storefront or sign (I guess that’s where the underground part comes in).  Finally, I parked on the street, wandered into an alley, and ended up in a parking area. Walking into the building through a truck sized garage door, I encountered a cavernous space with a couple of tables and overstuffed couches.  At the end of the space there were three loading docks, where the bands were setting up, one on each dock.  The word I was looking for when I walked in was sketchy, but I was game for an adventure.  The women at the door were really nice, and I found a chair in a corner to sit down where I passed the time until the show started texting my friends so I didn’t feel like how I presented – a geriatric sore thumb!!

How did I end up here?  I know a couple of the guys in Go The Distance, (Mike and Brian) the first band who performed that night.  I had never seen them live and was pumped to check out the show!  Brian sometimes plays with one of my favorite bands, Day Ja Voo, rockin’ it 70’s style with his dad Marty.  Brian is one of those immensely talented musicians who can pick up just about every instrument on stage and own it.  He recently graduated from Crane School of Music in northern New York and that is where most of the Go The Distance shows have been this summer.  The other guys in the band are Anthony and Austin and you can check out their facebook page:


Much of the audience was 20 something would be hipsters, chatting excitedly and drinking their PBRs.  At home in this space, they were joking with their friends and seemed so happy to be there!  At 8 pm, the thundering of the garage door closing reverberated through the space and the warehouse went completely dark.  Go The Distance started playing in that darkness and just about everyone gathered right around the stage (read: dock) to watch.   After a couple of moments they figured out how to light the area so we could check out the band. Go The Distance has some great original songs (a CD is available – I have it) and they play some really fun covers. They played one of my faves, Currents.  Here’s a video from earlier this year:

Toward the end of the show they played a couple of covers I thought were amazing, the first of them being 99 Problems.  Brian Sweeney rapping is a sight to see – he really nails it!!  I had no idea he could rap!!   When they announced that they would be playing Thrift Shop by Ryan Lewis and Mackelmore, I burst into laughter, amused that they would tackle this megahit.  And boy, did they rock it out!

I was so happy to be there among people who really enjoy music.  As soon as the band ended, I told Brian and Mike what a great job they did and then I hightailed it out of there, a little scared about what would come next!  The women invited me to return anytime and I just may venture back there sometime!  Anyone who wants more information about other great shows like this can check out this facebook site:


Coming soon:  my adventures at Ommegang Brewery for the Bonnie Raitt concert!

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