550 Words

Dear Linda, thank you for bringing me into this group of women with a common goal of writing 550 words every day. What a great video conference! Now that I have ‘met’ most of them I realize that you curated this group with great care (and I am guessing a bit of trepidation about exactly what kind of monster you were creating). Such different personalities with raw talent and commitment to generating work, great or otherwise (I know that sometimes I am just typing until I see the word count in the corner go past the requisite 550 words). And when we get together online like we did tonight everyone is so kind and supportive – oh, hold on. I need to get another beer – and I have to change seasons, the Sunfish is gone and now it’s Sam Adams Cold Snap. At least I’m not driving, right Alice?

Anyway, it was fun to hear everyone’s process and candidly talk about their “FAILED” days. I had excuses, band obligations and illness and last week when I was really sad about some stuff. It was even more fun to have them share tricks of their trade. I admire the fact that Judy can come up with a new subject practically every single day and be able to start a project with this raw material. I appreciate Angela’s focus on the big picture and how she wants what she is generating every day to link back to that larger project.  Alice could have acted superior because while some of us are buried in snow, she is in California with the sunshine in the background! But she wasn’t, although I think she was a bit jealous that I was enjoying a beer while she was stuck in LA traffic. And Roxi will be amused to know that after our call tonight I went into the living room to check my stack of recent acquisitions from Barnes & Noble to find I had purchased “642 Tiny Things To Write About”, part of the series of books that she had referred to that would help prompt writing and perhaps greatness.

Then there’s you Linda, herding cats. Conversation was fun and lively, with some good natured ribbing that would feel out of place in another group, but everyone here just seems to click. I can imagine that you are equal parts enthralled by the connections being made by some of your favorite writer friends, and overwhelmed by the sheer talent and drive, thinking that you may not measure up but knowing that all these women love and support you and realize how talented you really are.  Now I have to take a break from the seriousness to get the cake out of the oven I had to bake after our call. I thought I would be able to do it during the call but who knew I would be so captivated that I would not be able to break away!

So here’s to another 550 words. These are fun ones because I just enjoy the topic so much. I want to produce the word count every day for these women because I don’t want to let them down. And now after tonight’s discussions I want to take those words and edit and rework until they become great pieces because I want them to be proud of what I am creating. One 550 daily entry at a time.


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