Springsteen, Mackelmore, and Bonnie Raitt, Part 3

Bonnie Raitt at the Ommegang Brewery?  I’m in!!   My friend Judy suggested that we go see Bonnie in concert and it was an easy sell.  I had loved Cooperstown ever since I lived in Oneonta many years ago.  And then of course I was all about checking out a new brewery, with this being my summer of beer and all.

It was a gorgeous drive down Route 28.  A burger and a beer (Brooklyn Summer Ale) sitting outside the Lakefront Hotel restaurant in Cooperstown was the perfect pre-concert dinner. Here’s the view from the deck of the Lakefront:


Judy and I then ventured out to Ommegang Brewery and after a loooong time in the car (there is only one county road into the brewery), we got a parking spot, grabbed our camp chairs, and ventured out to find a great seat.

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