Ryan Reynolds, Will You Be My Valentine?

Yes, I know Ryan Reynolds is a little out of my league.  Yes, I know he is People’s 2015’s Sexiest Man Alive.  Yes, I know he is very happily married.  Yes, I know he is a new father and is devoted to his daugher, James (he is on the cover of People this week as the Sexiest Dad Alive.) And yet, I want Ryan Reynolds to be my valentine.

I first discovered Ryan Reynolds on television in 1998 when he starred in the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl (originally titled Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place).  As often happens when there is a choice between a pretty boy and a responsible, preppy looking type guy, I chose to crush on the preppy Pete. I thought Ryan’s Berg was a little dim and self absorbed. Immature and goofy, he was just not my type.

He didn’t really make much of an impression on me until I saw him again in Definitely, Maybe. This 2008 movie revolves around Ryan’s Will Hayes and his 10 year old daughter Maya.  After her first sex-ed class, Maya demands to hear the story about how Will met her mother (and it does not take nine seasons like the sitcom of the same name.)  He weaves an impressive story that involved three important relationships with women in his life and asks Maya to identify which of the women he is describing is her mother. Will is so multifaceted that you can see him with any of the three and how it plays out will leave you satisfied.

In 2009 Ryan starred in another romantic comedy, The Proposal (the highest grossing romantic comedy of that year) with Sandra Bullock. It was a classic boy works for girl who is about to be deported so she cons him into a quickie marriage tale. The story is goofy and predictable but the success of the movie was the chemistry between Ryan and Sandra. He is just a tad insecure and timid when the movie starts, but he learns a lot about himself as the story unfolds.

Then there were a bunch of action and superhero movies that i didn’t really care about.  I had to get my fix by rewatching my two favorite Ryan movies.  Until now. Jump ahead seven years and Deadpool is released.  This is a superhero movie that I can stand behind. Betty White loved it!  She posted a review on Twitter and gave it four Golden Girls.  A self-deprecating, snarky hero, he is an unlikely choice for someone who will save the world.  His willingness to do whatever it took to heal from a devastating illness lands him in this new life and he does not lose his sense of humor!  I am looking forward to seeing the movie and imagining, just for a moment, that Ryan Reynolds is my Valentine.



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