Everywhere You Look…Come Home To Fuller House

Tonight I was channel surfing and my remote landed on Nick at Nite and the 90’s sitcom, Full House. It was the two-part series finale, where Michelle gets amnesia. There are other storylines included, with Jesse doing too many things and not getting any of them right, DJ deciding to not go to her prom, and Stephanie trying get a guy from drama class to kiss her. In the end, Michelle gets her memory back, Jesse learns his lesson about focusing on what is important, Steph gets kissed, and DJ gets to go to the prom with her boyfriend Steve. Touching speeches are made, and there are Tanner family hugs for everyone!

I loved Full House.  A bit older than the intended audience, that did not stop me from watching Full House most Friday nights.  I worked as a group home night counselor for teenage girls.  We watched together and they loved the TGIF lineup, even though their lives were a far cry from the kids in their cushy surroundings on TV each week. The drama, angst, goofiness, and laughter of the original series still make people laugh today, and the powers that be tell us there will be more of the same in the new Netflix series Fuller House, available on February 26.

Fast forward 30 years and another widowed parent is raising three precocious kids with help from family and friends. DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler are all grown up and raising a new group of kids. The buzz about Fuller House is getting louder and louder with each passing day, filling the internet with teasers. Watch the official trailer:

I had a crush on Danny Tanner. Clean cut, and clean to his core, he was goofy and loving and a bit clueless, so the perfect guy for me. The antics of those clueless single guys trying to raise three girls was well worth time spent watching it. Every week there was another lesson to be learned, all from a clean house full of laughter.  It was a lot of fun for me to check out the guys a while back on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – here’s the clip:

They did go on some fun adventures over the years. What about the Christmas they spent in the airport on the way to Colorado (and Becky in the same airport on her way to Nebraska?) What about Hawaii? What about Lake Tahoe (and the fabulous Ali Baba Hotel and Casino)? What about Walt Disney World, where Danny proposed to Vicky, Michelle got to be princess for a day, and DJ saw Steve in every face in the park?

What about the time that DJ won that radio contest with two tickets to see the Beach Boys, but she couldn’t decide who to bring, so she decided on no one, until the Beach Boys showed up in her very own house and brought the whole family to the concert, and they all appeared on stage! Or the time the Beach Boys stopped by to help out with a telethon hosted by Wake Up San Fransisco’s co-hosts Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson?  Or the time that Jesse needed permission to use the Beach Boys tune Forever and then turned it into a horrible 90’s dance tune? Thank goodness the video at the end of the show was done in Jesse’s style, with Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and Bruce Johnston singing backup with the Rippers. Those Boys really were supportive of this family!

And the big girls with the big hair. How many tall, skinny women walked through that front door for a date with one of the guys and how big was their hair (and shoulder pads)?  Jesse was quite a playboy, but they cut his time short when they introduced Rebecca Donaldson and she became the one that almost got away. Danny had Vicky, and Joey had… no one, really. Once in a while they would throw the guy a bone and sent some blond his way. What if they had the kind of writers that would have given Joey a run for his money, someone who matched his unique talent, or at least his one of a kind sense of humor? Maybe in his later years he proved to be luckier in love.

The Fuller House reboot should be fascinating in so many ways. Will the writing be similar? Will the characters be allowed to be three-dimensional? Will Kimmy Gibbler still be annoying? I wonder how much backstory we will get on the dad for this teenage daughter that Kimmy has. And what’s with all the bad Tanner luck? First DJ’s mom dies in a car accident when all the girls were so young, and now DJ’s husband is dead very early on in their son’s lives. Really? Widowed? Is it the Brady Bunch or Partridge Family phenomenon, where divorce couldn’t happen and they could only have dead husbands? All I need to say is if Steve comes back in the picture, he’d better get some insurance! The gang got together recently with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and (except for Donald Trump) if this is what we have to look forward to, I am all in!

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