Long May You Run

This song came to me today while I was thinking about Prince, Michael Jackson, and Princess Diana, and those are just a few. Although it was written about an old hearse that Neil Young loved, I think the lyrics can be applied to celebrities gone too soon.

With your chrome heart shining in the sun long may you run


What about those people we’ve loved and admired and then watched as their lives were torn apart in the media after their untimely deaths. Even David Bowie was not immune to the detractors who were confused by his career and labeled him. As I sit here writing this post, a commercial is playing for a Good Morning America segment about Natalie Wood.

These people were talented, caring, and compassionate. They touched our hearts and lives and were constantly scrutinized by the media, being chased by fans who wanted to be close to them and possibly be part of their magic. People with family and friends and a lack of private life. Yes, maybe they were flawed. So are we. And how does it feel when we are the ones put under the microscope?

Why is it that after the initial shock of a celeb death, the trolls come out? The haters? Speculation about drugs, cheating, or money problems. The list is endless. Do not let the rumors and bad decisions become who they will be to us forever.

I propose that we let these people rest in peace. Treat them with respect and let their legacy speak for them. It’s OK to celebrate their music or their talent or their compassion.  When Alan Rickman died earlier this year, we saw friends and colleagues talk about him with love and respect and admiration. Wouldn’t it have been great if more did the same for Prince in the last couple of weeks, instead of speculating about drug abuse and his decisions about a last will and testament?

I leave you with a youtube video being reposted on the internet in the last couple of weeks. It’s a song by my favorite Beatle, George Harrison, being performed by Prince and several other incredible musicians.




I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps

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