Before this month, I can’t believe it had been so long since this blog sat dormant. I have no excuses. I do a lot of blogworthy stuff, just haven’t been inspired to write it down. I had been spending a lot time bingewatching instead of writing! So what have I been busy indulging in? Let’s see.



Bloodline (Netflix) There is only one reason I would consider watching a show about dishonesty and murder. Kyle Chandler. I loved him in Early Edition and in Friday Night Lights (there is only one reason why I would watch a show about football…) so when my friend Judy told me about this show I had to check it out.

I watched the first season in a week, then had to wait another 18 months for Season 2, and another 16 months for the third and final season. Judy and I saved that season until our Cape Cod trip and watched 2 episodes each night. Sincerely, that was all my heart could take. Season 2 is full of intrigue and surprises, and more murder and lies. I was just looking for someone, anyone, who was redeemable. Not even my beloved John Rayburn was exempt from bad behavior.

The Good Place (NBC) This seemed a bit silly to me at first, someone who died and finds out she was mistakenly sent to the ‘good place’ after living a bad life. Then I watched the first show, and realized how smart and funny it actually was. No one can swear and there is lots of frozen yogurt, and everyone has a soul mate, Kristen Bell is an amazing comedic actress and she plays the Bad Eleanor with vulnerability.



Burn Notice (USA Network, characters welcome) One morning I sat in front of the TV and watched 3 random episodes and didn’t really understand what was going on. I am not alone. There was a skit on SNL once where no one could answer the question, “What is Burn Notice?” But I was fascinated by the Bruce Campbell character, Sam Axe, so I thought I would start at the beginning. And that’s how I started watching all 111 episodes of the Miami- based show (tied with that other Miami action show from the 80’s). Michael Westen and friends helps someone in trouble every show, and it’s not their fault that the solution often includes explosives and deception. Throw in a bit of humor and a lot of sun and Sharon Gless (Lacey of Cagney and Lacy) and you have yourself a show that entertained for  7 seasons!


Stranger Things (Netflix) My friend Linda had been raving about this series for months, but nothing about the 1980’s John Hughes references or ET comparisons interested me at first. I was wrong. From the very first episode I was hooked, which was pretty remarkable because I am not one for fantastical storylines or sci fi/fantasy type movies. And Linda was not the only one who loved it, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 95%.This ragtag group of kids is reminiscent of The Goonies, but they are a bit more savvy in Hawkins. Season 2 was released a couple of weeks ago, and I am limiting myself to one a night so I can make it last!


13 Reasons Why (Netflix) I was surfing the web trying to find out more about Stranger Things,and saw a clip from an awards show where the kids from Stranger Things accepted the Show of the Year award from the cast of 13 Reasons Why at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. They seemed so cute together that I thought I would check out the TV version of the teen book we’ve been selling for 10 years now. A teen commits suicide and leaves behind cassette tapes that explain 13 different reasons (and people) who she believes led her to her final action. Each episode is a different side of those cassettes. Great insights into bullying and abandonment and the need people have to feel like they matter.

There are lots more where this came from, and I will have to publish a part 2, but I do think this is enough to get you started, right??

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