Before this month, I can’t believe it had been so long since this blog sat dormant. I have no excuses. I do a lot of blogworthy stuff, just haven’t been inspired to write it down. I had been spending a lot time bingewatching instead of writing! So what have I been busy indulging in? Let’s see.



Bloodline (Netflix) There is only one reason I would consider watching a show about dishonesty and murder. Kyle Chandler. I loved him in Early Edition and in Friday Night Lights (there is only one reason why I would watch a show about football…) so when my friend Judy told me about this show I had to check it out. I watched the first season in a week, then had to wait another 18 months for Season 2, and another 16 months for the third and final season. Judy and I saved that season until our Cape Cod trip and watched 2 episodes each night. Sincerely, that was all my heart could take. Season 2 is full of intrigue and surprises, and more murder and lies. I was just looking for someone, anyone, who was redeemable. Not even my beloved John Rayburn was exempt from bad behavior.


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