Move It On Over, Mobius Jones Is Movin’ In

Move over little dog, a big old dog is movin’ in!  I saw the first performance of the Mobius Jones reboot, with a new band member.  Me!  The roadie!  Just kidding.  They have a great new talent in Bryan Rubenau, who has joined the band with keyboards and vocals.

The banquet room of Barbagallo’s slowly filled with partygoers as we did our first sound check. I was given a quick lesson in how to work the soundboard, but even then I knew I would be too scared to actually touch it during the show. There were things I could handle, like moving bags and crates from the cars and unraveling cables and cords.


There was so much to learn, this first time as a roadie.  I had gone to so many shows previously, in the stalker and grouple role, but this was my first roadie gig.  i transported the speaker for the bass, and helped them unpack all the equipment.  I  talked with the drummer while he set up, and found out my first new thing…drums need to be tuned.  I also helped hook up some XLR cables and helped set up the mic stands.  Are you impressed yet?


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Last Friday night was the perfect night for outdoor music, outside in the Pavilion of the Greenwood Winery. The warmth and sunshine brought out some fun lovin’ rockers and they were rewarded with an amazing show from this band out of Jersey City, NJ!


“When the war is over, and banks don’t steal…”

“When life is fair, and 5 makes 10…”

How could you not love a song with lyrics like this?  They are from Lonelyville, my favorite of the original songs that The Gully Hubbards perform.  Another great song, a trucker-singing-about-a-woman-done-me-wrong song, includes the lyrics “18 reasons, baby, why I’m telling you goodbye.”

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Another Friday night at Johnny’s Pub and Grill in Rochester, where I am waiting anxiously for the next song from The Earthtones.  The trio is standing on the stage under a street sign readling, ‘Penny Lane’; the owner Johnny loves The Beatles,

1560735_1005925722770879_6202336690268931521_nThe opening notes to Landslide are heard over the roar of the happy hour crowd.  Most of the bands I follow are all male, so I am enjoying Eva’s take on the classic Fleetwood Mac song.  Brian Regan, Eva Regan, and Mike Walker are The Earthtones.  Brian is a genius with both guitar and bass, Eva dazzles on the keyboards, and Mike is amazing on the drums and other percussion. They have playing together at least 14 years.  I remember this because they came to Syracuse and played my 40th Birthday Bash at Highland Forest in 2001 (yes, I know, you can do the math, I am over 50).

I try and to see them as often as I can.  It’s tricky driving to Rochester and trying to get there in a reasonable time for happy hour.  During the winter months, about half of my planned trips are cancelled due to bad weather and snow.  But when I do get there, it is so worth it!

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Meeting Scott from the Goo Goo Dolls


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A couple of weeks ago, I was at Dublin’s to see Day Ja Voo.  I went to get  a couple of drinks for the band and started a conversation with the guys sitting there at the bar.  Wanting a ‘man on the street’ perspective, I asked them what they thought about the band. Scott and his friend said they were really enjoying the music, and then Scott went on to talk about how he loved 80’s music. We both graduated from college the same year (he went to UB, I went to SUNY Oswego) and we discussed our favorite music from that era.   Eventually Mike returned with my beers and I delivered them to the stage.

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With A Little Help From My Friends

Day Ja Voo meets Mobius Jones.  This is how it all started.   On New Year’s Eve a few years ago, I  first heard Mobius Jones, a band my friend John was in, along with two other guys named John, and the drummer Eric.  I asked John if the band would play at a fundraiser my family had been planning, and they graciously agreed.

100_1613 - Copy

I had also reconnected with my friend Vinnie and had been following his band, Day Ja Voo to several venues out of town.  I asked Vinnie  and my friend Bryan (now a member of Day Ja Voo) if they wanted to perform a few songs there also.


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Video Killed the Radio Star


I reconnected with an old college friend I hadn’t seen in a few years.  We had a great dinner, one where there were no breaks in conversation, just like the old days. Afterwards, he asked me to listen to a demo CD that was recorded with a band he had joined called Mobius Jones.  It only took one song, a cover of The Cars My Best Friend’s Girlfriend, to hook me.

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Three Chords and the Truth

For my birthday, my band friends got me a guitar which I have been learning how to play for about 6 months now.  The ‘music’ that I make is very slow and stilted.   One of my very talented musician friends, John, shows me some really great things, but I have a hard time remembering some of them once I get home and practice.

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I look at my written notes and try to recreate the chord or sound that we are working on.  It always sounds different, a bit off.  Inevitably, I go back to play the same song I started with, using the chords C, G, and D.  I strum around awhile with that and it has helped me to feel more comfortable with the instrument.  It is a slow process but at least I am trying.

Now I am also taking lessons from a second talented musician friend of mine (I have lots of those!),  Jeff.  I tried to show him my three chords and make a joke about how all I need to be a good musician is ‘three chords and the truth’ (actually I think they say that is what you need to be a good country musician, but you get the drift.)  He showed me how to make those three chords a new way from how I learned the first time, shaking my confidence a bit.

In the interest of full disclosure, I started guitar lessons so I can go visit these guys and drink with their wives.  Now I have the guitar and I need to earn my keep, so to speak.

Now I am beginning to realize that there are just no absolutes.  Just like life.  My truth is that I will keep trying to coax music out of this beautiful guitar (it won’t be “For Baby For Bobbie” forever) and continue to spend time with my friends, willing to learn whatever I can take into my brain and then let it flow out of my fingers.

All it takes is three chords and the truth (and more chords, and bar chords, and variations, and riffs, etc.)