Top 10 TV Themes I Love To Sing To came out yesterday (10/6/15) with a list of 50 TV Theme Songs That Have Hit The Billboard Charts.

I compiled my own list of TV theme songs that I love to sing along to. While perusing the Billboard list, there seem to be a disproportionate number of songs from cop and detective shows,  In the end, I did find that we had several songs in common.  I have put the Billboard list number in bold if a song appeared on their list.  Here are my picks with accompanying videos:

10.  Growing Pains: As Long As We’ve Got Each Other, performed by BJ Thomas and Jennifer Warner (# 35 on the Billboard list).  I loved how this psychiatrist had such dysfunctional kids, just like real life.

9.  One Day At A Time: This Is It, performed by Polly Cutter.  One of the original girl power TV shows, I loved the spunk of Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) and the sweetness of Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli), and how their mom Ann didn’t take anything from anyone.

8.  7th Heaven, performed by Steve Plunkett (from the band Autograph, best remembered for the hit, “Turn Up The Radio”).  Even though I did not watch this show until I was an adult, as a PK (preacher’s kid), I enjoyed the storylines and antics of the Camden kids.  My sister also enjoyed watching this show in reruns, she saw so many that her toddler son knew the words to “seven kevin”, or so he thought.

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Top 10 Favorite Cover Songs

It’s no secret I love my bands!  I think that in some cases their covers of these songs rival the originals.  Here is the list of my top 10 favorite songs that they cover.

10. Shambala by Three Dog Night

I have seen these guys at a couple of festivals and boy, they can still rock after all these years!!

9. Born On The Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival

When Mobius Jones and Day Ja Voo get together to play this song, it’s beyond amazing!! All I have to hear are the first few guitar riffs and I am in heaven.

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Springsteen, Mackelmore, and Bonnie Raitt, Part 3

Bonnie Raitt at the Ommegang Brewery?  I’m in!!   My friend Judy suggested that we go see Bonnie in concert and it was an easy sell.  I had loved Cooperstown ever since I lived in Oneonta many years ago.  And then of course I was all about checking out a new brewery, with this being my summer of beer and all.

It was a gorgeous drive down Route 28.  A burger and a beer (Brooklyn Summer Ale) sitting outside the Lakefront Hotel restaurant in Cooperstown was the perfect pre-concert dinner. Here’s the view from the deck of the Lakefront:


Judy and I then ventured out to Ommegang Brewery and after a loooong time in the car (there is only one county road into the brewery), we got a parking spot, grabbed our camp chairs, and ventured out to find a great seat.

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Springsteen, Mackelmore, and Bonnie Raitt, Part 2

Later that week, I wandered over to the Near West Side neighborhood here in Syracuse to find an underground punk rock space called “The Warehouse”.  I couldn’t find it at first.  I had the address, but there was no storefront or sign (I guess that’s where the underground part comes in).  Finally, I parked on the street, wandered into an alley, and ended up in a parking area. Walking into the building through a truck sized garage door, I encountered a cavernous space with a couple of tables and overstuffed couches.  At the end of the space there were three loading docks, where the bands were setting up, one on each dock.  The word I was looking for when I walked in was sketchy, but I was game for an adventure.  The women at the door were really nice, and I found a chair in a corner to sit down where I passed the time until the show started texting my friends so I didn’t feel like how I presented – a geriatric sore thumb!!

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Springsteen, Mackelmore, and Bonnie Raitt, Part 1

What a great week for music! I caught three live performances last week. Each show was great in its own right and none of them include my usual bands.  Sometimes I just love my life!  There is so much to say, this will be a three part series.  Here’s Part 1,

On a perfect summer night, I ventured out with my camp chair and bottle of water to Johnson Park in Liverpool, NY to see my friend Bryan perform with Jamie Notarthomas and Jungleland, a recently formed Bruce Springsteen tribute band.  Jamie has been a part of the Syracuse music scene for around 30 years and I’ve never seen him perform.  I was away for many of my formative music years, so only recently had I been able to check out people like Jamie Notarthomas, Dave Hanlon, Isreal Hagan, and Todd Hobin, just to name a few of Syracuse’s best.

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You Meet The Nicest People At Johnny’s


We first met Jeff when he darted across the bar toward us as the band was singing California Dreamin ‘ and yelled, “Your table definitely win the audience singalong award!”  I smiled and high-fived him, then he ran back to his group of friends. Lyn and jesse just shook their heads and laughed. Some people in my life wonder why I travel to Johnny’s whenever I can to see The Earthtones.  It’s not just because I would go almost anywhere to see Michael Walker (the drummer) play.  It’s because you meet the nicest people at Johnny’s.

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Top Ten James Taylor Songs (as decided by me, Debbie Horan)

We have been chauffeured all over Cape Cod this week by Judy the Cruise Director. She is as crazy about James as I am about all my bands.  The soundtrack to our travels has been the James Taylor Sirius radio channel. It exists only until June 22 and coincides with the release of his latest CD, “Before This World”.  In honor of her, here are my top ten favorite songs by JT.

10) Mockingbird

JT recorded this song with his then-wife Carly Simon in 1973.  She overcame her fear of performing live to sing this song with him when he was on tour in 1975.  Since then, he has also sung it with their daughter Sally and Carly has performed it with their son Ben.

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It’s Been One Week (My vacation framed by the Barenaked Ladies song)

It’s been 3 weeks since I have been away from the blogosphere.  Now there is a lot of pressure staring at this blank post.  How do I return with a big enough splash to warrant the empty pages left by my busy life? Even today, with all the time in the world to write, I am at a loss for something spectacular to discuss with my followers, so I will just sit here with my adult beverage and talk about what I have been up to on my vacation.

It’s been 5 days since I attended Greekfest with my favorite Greek family, the Plessas’.


We braved long lines for food (but no lines for drinks!) and enjoyed Greek food, Greek beer, Greek music, and traditional Greek dancing.  My friend Nik danced with two of the groups and did an amazing job (go Nik!!).  We ended up running into 4 of John’s siblings and had a really fun family  celebration. The Greek coffee kept me awake much of the night, so I had a lot of time to reflect on how much fun it was!  Pictured above: Bridgette, myself, John, and his sister Therese.

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Top 10 Tambourine Songs



The tambourine.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.  Not a featured instrument by any stretch of the imagination.  Search for top 10 tambourine songs on the internet and you come up with a number of sites. Here is my list:

10.  Wheels by The Foo Fighters   This is the only song included on the list from the last 30 years. I don’t know much about the Foo Fighters, but I know this song because Day Ja Voo covers it and I really like it.  When you finally hit the ground, there ‘s another chance to get it right.

9.  Elenore by The Turtles   This song was meant as a satire of Happy Together; the powers that be wanted more of the same, so The Turtles gave it to them.  “You’re my pride and joy, etc.” What is included in etc., anyway?  I think the song is swell.

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American Pie

It was another night at Johnny’s Pub and Grill.  “OK, Pat, as long as we have the words…”  Brian said into the mic as he flipped through his binder.  After a moment we heard,  “A long, long time ago…”, as Brian looked over at Pat and smiled.  The crowd sang and swayed to the Don McLean song.  Lyn and Mike’s mom asked for this song because it was one of their dad’s favorites.


Cover bands are terrific because every song that comes up is familiar and easy to sing along to. It is fun to see The Earthtones because they have a woman singer, which is so different from the other bands I follow.  Eva does such an amazing job with Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, just to name a couple of artists.  Brian carries most of the other vocals and the guitar and bass.  And of course there is Mike on the drums, the same Mike I have been following for 30 years now.

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